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Real Estate Investment Series

Feb 18, 2017
Do you know the Real Estate Investment Series “The Deed”? A Real Estate Investor should know about this ...
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Is Real Estate Investing Right For You?

Oct 30, 2017
Is Real Estate Investing Right For You?   Simply stated, real estate investing is not for everyone. It can, wi ...
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Are turn-key properties worth the fees?

Jun 20, 2017
TURN-KEY INVESTMENT PROPERTIES 101          Turn-key real estate investing has in recent years becom ...
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The Truth Behind Successful house flipping

Jun 06, 2017
THE TRUTH BEHIND SUCCESSFUL HOUSE FLIPPING     After the tremendous success of the The Deed Episode ̶ ...
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Flipping properties with the best

May 22, 2017
Following GC Realty & Development’s debut on The Deed Chicago with Sean Conlon, the “Mistake on the Lake,” &nbs ...
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What is Passive Income

Sep 29, 2016
What is Passive Income? Passive income is an income received on a regular basis that requires minimal or no work to ...
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Is Real Estate a Good Investment

Sep 23, 2016
  For a potential investor, there are many property investment options available. These options vary in the ra ...
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How to make Money in Real Estate

Sep 11, 2016
Property is an investment that offers a variety of ways for an investor to make money. Before investing, it’s best ...
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IRA Investment

Aug 25, 2016
From the day we start working, we are told to begin saving for our retirement. Sound advice – but how do you go abo ...
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Is Real Estate the Best Alternative Investme...

Aug 16, 2016
Are you an executive who just retired after being in corporate practice for several years? Or an entrepreneur who j ...
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Top 6 Ways You Can Create Passive Income

Aug 04, 2016
You wake up early, eat breakfast hurriedly, and brave the streets and public transportation to get to work…and back ...
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Foreign Investment in Chicago Real Estate

May 10, 2016
It has been reported that foreign investment in Chicago Real Estate peaked in 2015. What’s the outlook for 2016? In 2015, around 150 cross border player transactions amounting to $3.27B was recorded i ...
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