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Our very own founder Mark Ainley joins entrepreneur podcaster Positive Phil into a fun, positive and educational podcast. Real Estate Investing (Positively) is one of the main topic of the podcast, it circulates around the right attitude and character that one must have enable to be successful in real estate investments.

Both individuals shared success stories, revealed business secrets and spreaded positivity with listeners. The podcast highlighted different areas from Mark’s achievements, his ups and downs and the right mentality to win in the real estate industry.

Advance real estate knowledge like Chicago’s economy was also tackled in the Podcast, Positive Phil reveals that he’s into real estate business and found it very beautiful. 

Secrets on how to make a positive approach to this kind of field was also spilled in their conversation and there’s so much more to learn from the Podcast.
Mark also delivered positive statements that rises the morality of real estate investors and he also teaches us to give something back to the community once you’ve reached a certain succes in your life.

As always Positive Phill delivered a strong and positive statement affirmed by Mark’s experience and personality and it does make the podcast more inspiring. 

You’re on your way to listenting to a vast knowledge of Real Estate and positive thinking. Make sure to take some notes and prepare to have a smile on your face.

Listen to it now!

Real Estate Investing (Positively)