Learn to generate massive passive income with turnkey real estate

Here's a breakdown of what you get....

  • Mark’s ebook “How to Earn Double Digit Returns While Sitting on Your Couch”
  • A video presentation describing the incredible opportunities available in turnkey real estate investing
  • First look at all of our investment properties and finally
  • A free private consultation to learn more about turnkey investing


"Having purchased a single home from Mark Ainley and the team at GC, I was really impressed with the quality of product, the ease of transaction, and their outstanding ongoing management. This led to purchase number 2, and recently this was followed by another 7 homes, with 9 more now in the pipeline. I have such trust and confidence in Mark and co, and the proof is in just how easy they make every part of the process, and the fact the money really does come in as expected every month. An absolute pleasure to deal with!

- Brownstone99

"All along the way, GC has made it easy for us.  They respond quickly - whether its a question from us or a problem at a property.  They provide guidance when asked, and most importantly, they treat our business as if its their own.  I will definitely continue to work with GC Investments in the future.

- Brozbat

"So far everything has been very good.  The staff is quick to respond to all my questions and concerns.  Both Mark and Bryan are always available when I need to talk to them.  I look forward to my next purchase."

- Jroberts

"What a pleasure it was working with Mark Ainley and the GC Realty Investments team.  I was hesitant at first to work with a "turnkey" provider but after seeing their whole process from beginning to end, I couldn't help but wonder why more people don't invest this way.  I can't say enough what a great experience this was and I look forward to buying another property from them in 2016."


     "I would highly recommend anyone interested in investing in Chicago to contact Mark for a property tour, as the time we spent with him touring properties and neighborhoods was invaluable.  His knowledge and investing experience in the South Side was extremely impressive.  We learned a lot about each neighborhood's current and future rental market potential as well as their history."

- Wheninroam

"GC Realty made investing in real estate more hassle free and lucrative than I thought possible. They always respond to any questions or concerns promptly. I consider us partners!

"Great company! I would be willing to trust them with any of my real estate. They work together as a team to provide the best services you'll ever find in the Chicago area.