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What is a Turnkey Property?

An entirely renovated home or apartment building that an investor can acquire and immediately rent out to generate income. Companies who have specialties with reconditioning older or worn out properties are where these are sold.

Investment Type

A kind of investment approach for individuals who aspires to be in the real estate industry but lacks the time or capacity to improvise and refurbish a home, sometimes including maintenance service.

Why work with a Turnkey Company?

If you are a busy individual who is interested in creating a passive income without getting involved in the process, buying a turnkey property is the best option for you.

If you are an out of state investor looking to invest in another state, city or area, you can work with a turnkey company who could help you buy and manage a property. You might have to talk to them once a month to ensure everything is running smoothly. Apart from that, everything is managed by them.

A turnkey company like ours has been buying investment properties for two decades now. We have years of experience and we buy properties mainly for the investment purposes. That’s why; we do our due diligence diligently.
It allows you to do your own work (day time job or business or a stay at home parent). Your check gets deposited every month in your account.

Why Work With GC Realty Investments?

We do turn key real estate differently because we start with the property management view first. We have over 20 years of experience in rental real estate and have seen it all over the years. We know what items are most likely to break and we upgrade them to sturdier product or we remove them completely. We know how to find tenants that are going to pay each and every month. We know this because we have screened thousands of tenants.
We are the ultimate Chicago Turn Key Real Estate Solution.


We have done it all. We are committed to making the land lording experience as pain and hassle free as possible. All we want for you to do is cash the monthly check.

Our experience in turnkey investments is extensive in all areas of Investment Properties.

 Property Acquisition


 Tenant Placement


Property Management



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